Poems about simply


№ 1141014

Simply Stuck (revised)

What if removing unwanted feelings
Was as easy as coughing up the mucus
Clinging in the back of my throat?

I close my eyes, breathe in,
And cough as your germs explode
Through the air away from me.

I don't want to think about your
Pristine perfection anymore.

Like glitter glue on pink
Construction paper.
I try to pick the hardened glue
Hugging the paper but the
Sparkles seem to stain.

You shine and I wish upon
The star that you were dull.
I wish I could stick a round
Blue sticker on your forehead
And write fifty cents.

Like a house opens its mouth
To throw-up the unwanted
Knick-knacks on the driveway.

Maybe some little old lady could walk by,
Hand me two quarters, and take you
Far away so I would never see you again.

revised,  simply,  stuck.

Author: Lindsey Cira
Date: 04/02/2020

№ 1137004

To put it simply.

I have loved others
But I have never, ever
Been in love.

Well... Until you changed that... < 3


Author: Lynsie Riane
Date: 31/01/2020

№ 1136606

Impossibly Simple, Simply Impossible

To fathom the heart

impossible,  impossibly,  simple,  simply.

Author: Tetrahedron
Date: 31/01/2020

№ 1136272

The Whole of You and Them and Me Can Be Described Quite Simply, Read On, You Will See

A little cluster of
Wandering, walking with
Until suddenly found, then
Seen as such since
Some set of eyes *said so

described,  read,  simply.

Author: Samantha
Date: 31/01/2020

№ 1125706

Simply brushed off

I use to know this girl she was a trick
Illusion turn down my determination its a bitch
For when I thought id kiss your lips
Now I'm the one that feels like shit

brushed,  simply.

Author: Jorge Echevarria
Date: 21/01/2020

№ 1121089

Simply Choice

Only the purest of hearts have the ability to hear the dewdrops whisper in the earliest of mornings.
Sometimes the ones with the greed and darkness entwined within, need only a sign from someone else that they too are accepted.

Only the smallest of things have the advantage of seeing the world at its largest point.
Sometimes the ones who stand tall and grand may secretly be timid and afraid, with only their outer image concealing their true feelings.

Only the less flexible have the opportunity to grow and someday make it to a different level.
Sometimes the flexible have no more room to lengthen, leaving no space to progress in time.

Only the youngest of children can have the most unusual friends, who no one else can see,
Leaving the ones who are older, in a narrow-minded and constricted place, with nothing but reality wrapped around them.

Only the ones who forgive and let go will be able to move on,
Leaving the ones who don't, trapped and lost forever.

Only the old with the tinniest of steps have had the longest journey,
Leaving the rest, with the wider and faster strides to continue on.

Only the ones that live their lives in the moment, will live it to the fullest,
Leaving the minds of the others, behind or ahead of time, giving no space for them to see what lies at their feet.

Only the ones who love themselves, will be able to spread and give love to others,
Leaving the ones who hate and resent themselves, to have no possible way to fully love and take in someone else.

choice,  simply.

Author: Tessa Von Walderdorff
Date: 17/01/2020

№ 1120570

Simply Confused and Ok in the Layers. (Insert Thumbs up iPhone Emoticon)

Waiting for this Leary to bake.
I am baked.
I finally have time to reflect
On last night.
Like a kite
Up in the air I flew
Confused and okay
Just simply being with you.

confused,  insert,  iphone,  layers,  simply,  thumbs.

Author: David
Date: 16/01/2020

№ 1117305

Simply be

A flower teaches me
To simply be
Roots firmly grounded
But moving with the breeze
Always reaching for the light
Love and energy from the sun
Let go and breathe
The pure simpleness of this moment


Author: Nicholas Slater
Date: 14/01/2020