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A young man who loss his Mom
He mourned his Mother in thinking he was all alone
If his Mother was alive who was a Church worshipper, she would have stated, “God will always be at your side no matter what”
He will even see you through any consequence when you think you are stuck
Yes Mama has gone home
But you stay in the church and don't you roam
The Church is where you need to be
God is the one too whom you need to see
ВЂњWhen you think you are along, the Lord will encourage you and letting it be known”
You might think you are alone because there is no one physically there
Yet it is that quiet with no movement beyond compare
God is for all and it's his abundance within share
As he is the only one that really cares
As you walk and talk
As you praise and sing
The whole process is too be inspired
Alone being a short phase
But this I all part of God's amaze
So when you think you are alone, it will always God in letting it be known
Alone in your mind, God's resources of assurance of everlasting in being combined.

shot,  single.

Author: preservationman
Date: 17/02/2020

№ 1152534

Single Soul

A single soul among many...
Struggling against the pushing desires of the engulfing mob.
Searching for a chance to break free,
To induce the life that he needs.

A single soul among many...
Enters the throng with known purposes,
And becomes one with it.
The water flows over his soul and he barely lives.
The drowning water of the other side's essence
Barely leaves room for breath.

He discovers the core of his soul,
The single pulsating, vibrant core
And suckles energy from it,
Like a newborn baby feeding from his mother's breast.

He feeds and feeds
Focusing his entire being on that core,
Until he is full yet once again,
Breaking free from the shackles that hold him into this existence.

He flies on the knowledge of his empowerment,
Relishing the other dimensional view.

Until a well placed negative thought
Ambushes him from behind,
And the clanging of shackles closing over his soul yanks him back to the old world.

He has to reteach himself the old ways.
An endless cycle, each time
He flies higher and longer,
Each time harder then the last.

single,  soul.

Author: William Knight
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 1152486

Single Point

Candle fire
On a
At your window
In night's breeze
The bars in the
Heart, uncaged
Waiting for the signal
From a higher blaze
To storm in
And ignite it all
Back to the single point
Of bliss.

point,  single.

Author: Styles 12
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 1150855

A Single Breath Away

Look at where we stand,
Look at who we are.
It's almost as if
Nothing ever changed.
An entire year ago-
As if it were just yesterday,
A single breath away.

We fought a whole war,
Learned new lessons,
Broke our hearts,
And stole a few others.

And yet it's like nothing changed,
We're practically the same.

We worked so hard,
We broke down,
And then rebuilt.
And we're still in the same place.
As if it never happened-
A waste of our time.

We still want the same things,
Still need the same people.
Whispering the same truths,
And telling the same lies.
An entire year ago-
As if it were just yesterday,
A single breath away.

breath,  single.

Author: Brynn Louise
Date: 13/02/2020

№ 1149102

The single, once crisp tulip.

I am dying
From within. I don't wish to,
But I think of this skin
That holds me

Back and I feel ill. I stare,
Glazed over, at all the happiness I have tried to
Capture in moments of grace,
And self contentment.

But this does not do me justice.
This hand does not do me justice.
It all falls short of feeling.

Now I write blankly, efficiently, capturing
What I feel because it is easy.

Do I long for you, or do I wish happiness
Would knock me dead?
Knock me down,
The earth upon my head.

I wait, I long, silently.
Suffering all, wishing nothing.
Nothing will come of nothing.
Or shall I become a sod
So as not to feel and rot,
But just rot, unaware.

I am dying, like a flower,
Whose time is limited.
But unlike a flower,
I see what's coming.
Unlike the single, once crisp tulip
That hangs aside from the others still-fresh,
Falling from the boring vase
I see my fall
And contemplate it often.
And read poetry which seems both
To help and to hinder.
Like you, an enigma.

The feeling seeps through my nib
Through my heart, through my ribs
Gushing out onto a page, limited,
Tired but taking shape.

Hope leaves me, to be implanted
In a line
A seed,
Sewn. Waiting, longing, wishing quietly
To grow.

But not knowing that its time is limited.

crisp,  single,  tulip.

Author: Josiah W Menzies
Date: 11/02/2020

№ 1142622


In my zone
The morning is singing
It sounds like two of us
But i woke up alone
So i'll be reciting peace
And writing hope
It sounds like two of us
But i walk home alone
Gets me smiling
To everybody...
It sounds like two of us
But i'm lonely inside


Author: sainche micano
Date: 05/02/2020

№ 1142556

In my 21 years I've never met a single person who wasn't important.

Give me my pain meds hand me that book.
The cure for a sad reality is at times another's shoes.
Dancing to the same rhythm just another person's moves.
Oscar said to influence is to stifle your own glow.
I liked those words when I read them but I changed.
I am not as original as that Wilde man.
I am a mosaic of every single person I've ever met.

met,  person,  single,  t,  years.

Author: Socally Picter
Date: 05/02/2020

№ 1142531

A Single in a Couples World

It's the cold snow that falls on that dark day,
Claiming to replenish the barren earth,
Only nourishing the whirl wind that engulfs you.

It's the hot sun on a summer day,
Wanted to get hotter and hotter,
As your skin peels and burns.

It's the hope that gets you to go to prom alone,
And as you dance to that song, you see all the happy faces,
Happy together, as you are left in despair and alone.

It's a mother crying over her stillborn child,
Whom she will never know,
Yet loves as though she had.

It's the love that I will never have,
That leaves me yearning for the intangible,
Barely making it through this world built for two.

couples,  single.

Author: Becca
Date: 05/02/2020