Poems about flesh


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Flesh and bones

I feel weird again i lament
I feel mortal
I am aware of my mortality
For a split second i feel
I feel like flesh and bones
No soul just muscles that could rip and tear and shred and be broken and
I could die
For a second i have a heightened awareness of this fact
And it feels
My tongue starts to tingle
I feel my body decay from within
I feel like dying
My heart feels weird
It feels like t is burdensome to continue beating.
It feels heavy
If that is even possible
I just don't know what is real and what i feel
I am confused and lost and i clutch my chest
Feel the warmth
I'm still alive right
And i just don't
I just can't
I simply don't know how to explain what I feel
I just feel like flesh and bones and nothing more.

bones,  flesh.

Author: Dark Smile
Date: 05/01/2020

№ 1105560

~Antique Flesh ♥♥

Puppet awakened to...


Selling raffle tickets
To the resurrection of

The dawn
Came crashing through
The trees...

And the moon hung lifeless
Like a wet rag,
Clipped to a frayed clothes line.

Superstitious souls-

Wearing antique flesh
Like over sized overcoats;

And eternity mixing
With dew
And flow i n g
S l o w



Into the holy river.

Who cut the puppet's strings?


antique,  flesh.

Author: redbarchettadrive
Date: 03/01/2020

№ 1103216



I try to see you
As you are

You who
Are not

... as yet.

The size of this

. full stop. . .

Or pollen now
Upon a bee's back?

I am busy
As you see

Creating you

An alphabet of who
You could possibly be.

I create your face.
I create your smile.

"Sculpting with time! "
I call it.

You busy
Creating your own thought.

You are everything
I see

As you unfurl
Yourself into being.

This passing butterfly?
This thrush's egg?

I growing you
Within me

This tiny seed
Of yes

Clichod love
I know

You will have to forgive
My lack of words

To hold you
In thought

I only the poet
Of your flesh.


See my French is
Coming on

As you are.

So, let it be
My soon-to-be-be son.

My John
My 6ft something

Man you
Have become

The film run
Backwards when

I knew I
Had first conceived you

And tried to think you
Into being.

Your 40 year old smile.
Your kiss now.
Your "Howya Ma! "

You the living treasure
Impossible to ever


flesh,  poet.

Author: Donall Dempsey
Date: 01/01/2020

№ 1098921

Nightmares of my flesh and blood.

I dream of you all - night after night

In my dreams we are as we should be - not as we are

I wish writing about each of you wasn't as painful as it is. I probably would've written novels by now.
[Every letter is a pang in my chest and a tear on my pillow]

Maybe one day the five of you will know how I have made special room for each of you - how your faces haunt me relentlessly.

Maybe one day you each will know how I hate myself for leaving you to navigate twisted paths with no one to hold your hand - hug you tightly - or sneak you bandages.

With every breath I take I pray that one day you angels will remember me - know my spirit - and not be corrupted.

I am no saint but I'm holier than you know- I need no priest and my sanctuary is these lines.

You all I love with everything - one day you will understand.
For now be strong.
It will all be over soon.

blood,  flesh,  nightmares.

Author: Camilla Ames
Date: 28/12/2019

№ 1098901

Flesh Wound

I find love to be a painful concept. Each time i love, i risk opening a wound dug out by the animal in me. And in love's sick game i've grown tired of the fight, tired of the constant tug of war between the past, the present and the bloody heartache. After awhile, it all just seems easier to give up on, then to move forward. And i guess this is the feeling of losing yourself.

Love is a bleeding mess, red paint splattered on a bloody canvas. My heart decays like petals off a rose, wanting to be whole again. To be enslaved, I seek an act of closure because it's an ongoing issue. I get emotionally attached to someone then begin to push them away for unexplainable reasons.

flesh,  wound.

Author: deprivedkat
Date: 28/12/2019

№ 1098236

Through The Flesh of The Soul

The power of prayer
Digs deep
Through the
Flesh of
The soul
When you
Let God
Take control

flesh,  soul.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 27/12/2019

№ 1094747

I am but flesh and bone

Keith W Fletcher
Jul 1 2016

Be still my thumping heart
Before you burst straight through flesh and bone
Upon hearing words your life you never expected to ever hear
Bringing life back to a heart once solid as a Stone
Allowing blood to flow through your now coursing veins
That had all but ceased to circulate through
In this cold and barren atmosphere where I've always had a fear
Living was just wasted on those like me who have never had a clue

What love was like beyond
This barren land in which we've lived
Should living be any way to describe
That which we have been doing
Encased in a cocoon of solid misery
Intent upon the dead reckoning course so long in pursuing

So caution please when intending to send any hope
To those who have all but died inside while waiting for Redemption
Are often shriveled husks of once proud but misunderstood beings
Who have lost any and all
True image of themselves
Loveless lives lost
In animated suspension

So carefull now as you have started
Coursing through my frame
No memory of what I should be
That I have never had
-Fear reaches out to grab the arm setting off the silent alarm
That screams a warning to self preserve Or you will go Stark raving mad


But death cannot be far removed from this' non - life refrain
So if my heart should burst this day to be shattered into dust
I should take the chance
Guide my weary steps
Taking the hand of you
Who is now reaching out
I give my all... all that I possess...
... I give you my trust

bone,  flesh.

Author: Keith W Fletcher
Date: 24/12/2019

№ 1092650

Curious flesh

I dream, sometimes,
Of slicing open my arm
Just out of curiosity--
Not of self-harm.

I would run my knife
Down the pale hide
Whilst being oh so careful
Not to damage what's inside.

With four metal clamps,
I would pry back the skin.
Through this, I could see
The flexing muscle within.

After I've had my fill,
I would suture the flesh.
Satisfied till the morrow,
Having fulfilled this request.

curious,  flesh.

Author: Dreamer
Date: 22/12/2019