Poems about pain

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I get up every morning
Then I bleed
From where?
You wouldn't want to know!
It hurts and hurts
I take a pill or two to ease the pain
But then I soak in the tub with warm water by dissolving a salt in it
I sit in it for five minutes
While it reduces the irritation
It reduces the pain


Author: Phoolmatee Dubay
Date: 08/04/2017

№ 2700

Pain, tears, and rain

Oh, how rain used to soothe me
In my darkest of days
I used to cry painfully
When the raindrops fell
The sound of rain
Was temporarily replaced by the quiet sobs
That was buried deep inside
The falling raindrops
Once represented my tears
That streamed down my cheeks
Oh, how I wish you would have
Never kissed me as the rain fell heavily
I wish you had never held me close
To your warm body
As mine became cold from the cool rain
I wish I would have never met you because
All you was ever good for
Was causing people pain

pain,  rain,  tears.

Author: Jess M
Date: 08/04/2017

№ 2672

Winters pain

The snow fell harder this winter
Without you here to control its weather
The wind icy
Stifling my breathing
The trees not properly dress
There branches freeze over
Bushes forgetting there snow caps
Drenched in the powdery snow
Winter unforgiven without you
Windows brittle from the frost
Heart cold as ice
Blood replaced by snowflakes
Mounds of snow stops me from leaving
But there's beauty deep in this pain
White dresses the land
Like a bride ready to get hitched
But who wants to get married away
With the howling wind
Guiding more chilly snow
Now I'm really caved in
Glaciers breaking around me
Shedding there icy sickles
Creating an icy prison to put me in

pain,  winters.

Author: devante moore
Date: 08/04/2017

№ 2546


He takes a drink when nothing's going well
He forgot we had a good thing, no one could ever sell

Empty out the bottle baby
Ill be home, let me be comfort... maybe?

I lost his number
He still has mine, but he's busy
Trying to become number

I buried my feelings in him.
He just
Wants to be in her
And she can only
Sometimes let him

So I finally understand how the bottle could win

I finally understand dysfunction, the glory of all sin

And I am utterly familier

With pain,

In the tide of its reign



Author: Sindi kafazi
Date: 08/04/2017

№ 2530


Those who can enjoy
Every falling leaf, can sure
Love pain and beauty

~Jawahar Gupta


beauty,  haiku,  pain,  senryu.

Author: yasaman johari
Date: 08/04/2017

№ 2492

Night of pain

My life is born in a night of pain
Having absolutely no gain
My grieving shelf
With painful self
Want to witness gorgeous sunrise
Coming out of dismal uprise
Doomed to throb hard
Singing endlessly the bard
Of impaired thoughts
My life wants to experience
Nurtured dreams of eloquence

night,  pain.

Author: Uma natarajan
Date: 08/04/2017

№ 2466

Silent Pain

Silent pain
Through life
Devours the soul
Thought chains to blame

Scars deep in the brain
Corrosive failures
Opportunities in vain
Rage against this cage

One day or thousands
On birthdays and trips
Special moments, supposedly
Poisoned and lingered deep in it

Joy, to be craved, pain, to hold in
Starved and thin, couldn't let light shine in
Anger burns acidly your good will to change
Trauma and indignation invoke for revenge

Thoughts mimics one another
If one is dark the other can be darker
So the cycle can never stop
Only if you break the gear of thoughts

pain,  silent.

Author: Claudia Andrea Casas
Date: 08/04/2017

№ 467

Established Pain

I want a call
For my name

An Alabama wedding
I love her
I mean him

Decison unto my simplicity

With a bag

Wrap it
Around her
Sunny head

Where is he?
I am sad

Constant pain

Toward contract
Ultimate commitment

established,  pain.

Author: Dakota J Dawson
Date: 06/04/2017