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LET IT FLOW ! (haiku)

I always knew my
Way back to your Precious Heart
Every now and then!

flow,  haiku.

Author: solEmn oaSis
Date: 21/01/2020

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Free Flow

... and it seemed like his eyes, were sipping away my silent pain. from where i stood, he was just few paces away from me. i got drawn towards his dreamy mystical eyes like being charmed by a spell charmer. it felt so pure, embraced with grace, as i took my steps, my crazy heart danced to race. an invisible thread wrapped around me, was being pulled by him. his smile and that sign of care on his face, binded my feelings together, to be poured before him. he held my hand and led me to a mesmerizing sight, and everything felt so right.
His philosophical thoughts and undoubted bold talks, opened the doors and windows of my clouded mind and timid heart. he said he admired me from the start, the time he first saw me. we talked till the sun hid itself in the deep horizon. so easily shared everything that i never thought could be understood and told to anyone. i thought for once god stopped making such masterpieces but he was no dream, he was and is a reality of my life...


flow,  free.

Author: Seema
Date: 19/01/2020

№ 1122810


I bring a lot to the table,
A choice of three.
But everything I do just falls flat.
I could call it karma,
But I don't think it works
Like that anymore.
And you make it a point
To have eye contact.
Was it to hurt me?
Was it to show just what
Kind of monster lives
In that soul?
I might be a joke,
But the biggest one I believed
Was the capacity of you to care.
One minute laughing with
An old friend,
The next was just sweat.
Why would I care?
Just listening to the hustle
And bustle of everyday
Life passing me by from the
Other side of the bathroom door,
Suffocating my life with a hand
Over my shallow existence.
Can never let go,
Not ever since an ex of an ex
Helped me realize just how
I flow.


Author: bluevelvet
Date: 19/01/2020

№ 1119837

Ebb and Flow

When you watch the ocean tide,

Notice the swelling rise.

Then fall back as if to hide,

Only to come again and rise.

Life is such ebb and flow

Life is such come and go.

And mystical things

Suffer tides to bring.

The cold waves


My body


And ovulates.

To the sound,

From the ground.


To the sky,

Of ocean tides.

I feel the sea,

Deep within me.

I feel the gel,

Where the heavenly dwell.

I never want to leave

This peace.

The Spirit

Takes me

To the sea,

So I can see,

Life's story

Life's glory,

Life's sadness,

Life's fleet.

Once I see,

I come to Thee,

I rest in peace,

I chant release.

Ebb and flow,

I love your sea,

Of heavenly beings.

ebb,  flow.

Author: Shirah Chante
Date: 16/01/2020

№ 1119568

Flow of consciousness poem

I have come to you
Of my own accord

With broken hands and brittle heart
With fragile mind and fractioned soul

These tears of mine are part a toll
Till toll the bell o'er gentle knoll

Into the sun and by my birth
Once again a mewling foal

Fall will come and cold will break
Yet again for heaven's sake

consciousness,  flow,  poem.

Author: Robert Zheng
Date: 16/01/2020

№ 1118561


I am a loving product of light
I am the star shining bright
I am remarkable I am unique
I am the intention of all you can be
I am the rain that allows life to grow
I am the ocean that runs deep and keeps the earth spinning in the moonlit glow
I am the stars that illuminate the night
I am the intuition that gives second sight
I am the sun that will light up the day
I am the star constellation that will allow you to navigate your way
When the sun goes down and the light of day fades
I was created in the image of divine source light
I entered through the silver gate to live as man
Knowing at that time what was my plan
The path I had chosen was to be broken to awaken
Heading for the home I know I belong
Knowing I have to be brave and bold
Seeking out that gate of gold
It is written in the stars and this soul originated in Erra
Here to try and help bring the world together
Wether rain or hail, day or night
I forever am
Universal Loving Light

John R Pettigrew
Owner of
Fauldhouse Indoor Market
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West Lothian
United Kingdom
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Author: John R Pettigrew
Date: 15/01/2020

№ 1116883

Just let it flow

Let the words flow through your finger tips
Let them take you away because no matter what,
You'll always come back for more each and everyday,
If you can't let them out of your brain in any other way
Let this be your easiest and just type away


Author: Ayesha Zaheer
Date: 13/01/2020

№ 1116351

Flow of love

Its a funny way
How love flows.

You start with you.
Love yourself enough
That it overflows
To close ones.

Love them enough
That it overflows
To neighbors,
Naysayers, and
Across the world to
A tragic hurricane.

You start with you 'cos,
You can only give
What you have.

flow,  love.

Author: Pradeep
Date: 13/01/2020