Poems about tomorrow


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I walked through a garden,
I walked with my dream.
We held hands, together
On your shoulder, I leaned.

We stopped to smell a jasmine
In a rose, you seemed keen
As you placed it in my tresses,
We laughed like lost teens.

My mind wandered free
Across the road and blaring heat
And perched on the window sill
Of the house across the street.

A beautiful angel was fast asleep,
In her cradle with her dreams
And her parents stood beside her,
Lost in an embrace, deep!

Your breath on my neck
And the warmth of your hold
Brought me back to the garden
And I saw your old eyes gleam!

The visiting hour was over
And I had to be returned.
To the green beds and white walls
And the I. V stands, tall and lean.

You promised to meet me tomorrow
And that tomorrow won't be long.
As you walked out through the gate,
I began my wait - for tomorrow to be born.


Author: Geetha Raj
Date: 05/03/2020

№ 1174410


Last night,
My thoughts were of the coming days
I got up even before dawn
Preparing to face tomorrow.

Everything about tomorrow
Is on the table... like a briefing on what to
Expect... souls awaiting... sunny, stormy days
Newly sprouted worries, and old ones that
Refuse to go... food talks... pride... errands,
The good and the bad... everything,
All arranged on a platter.
It's like reading a big book... filled with
Nows... yesterdays... and tomorrows...
Thick with pages that turn fast, or slow,
Pages that are bright, unwrinkled,
Others are flapping... twisted, crumpled,
Even torn... depending on the wind,
Which could be breezy... or gusty.

Some pages bring long-lasting smiles
Some are too wet with tears
Some cause a blink... once, twice, or thrice;
A brief way of escaping... yet,
Truths are there when eyes open again.

We ponder over the pages skipped,
For clarity... for closure... not for turning back
There's no other way... but ahead...
... like the wide and endless freeway,
Painted lines divide lanes... define direction
... explaining continuity... moving forward,
No matter what... because,
Always comes

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Copyright January 8, 2018


Author: Sally A Bayan
Date: 05/03/2020

№ 1172662

"No Promise of Tomorrow "

Here's to the Hell,
Here's to the struggles you were dealt,
All pain you ever felt and every tear that ever fell.

When you walk through fire,
You grow a little stronger.
And whenever you fall,
You always rise standing taller.

Life is a gift we take for granted as if it's borrowed.
Learn from your past,
Know your sorrow,
Live each day with no promise of tomorrow.

promise,  tomorrow.

Author: Brandon K Stephenson
Date: 04/03/2020

№ 1171776


Tell me...

Will tomorrow bring,
All the things
I'm longing...
Stowed upon its elusive wings,
Tirelessly beating
And fighting
To show what's dangling
And hanging...
Ready for the picking...

Such time so it could begin its need for unloading,
And dropping,
Its gleaming
On those who are deserving,
In no way lacking
So they could be at the receiving
End of this pressurising,
Of dwindling

Carel­ ess thoughts conceived only to
My deranged ramblings...
Incessant mutterings of a shattering

Bending backwards, almost breaking,
The chance of ever fully

Hopin­ g and praying
For a sentence that's pending
Dawn's approval...

The rising
Of the sun...
Ways for thriving
Unbarr­ ing
Gates for soaring
Dreams, unlocking

The heightening
Anxieties of grieving
­ hearts.

Constantly whispering
Utterances, promising
Good will, happiness
And titillating
­ sanity.

We're thinking...
The earth is spinning,
The moon is setting,
So the sun must be rising

Tell me,

*is it coming?


Author: ryn
Date: 03/03/2020

№ 1170992


Youth is a bit cruel, isn't it?
A sparkling future is calling me.
I want to be selfish,
But I can't even chase you too far.

I'm waiting for a chance, quietly waiting for a chance
I'll wait forever,
But it can't end like this, can it?
I love you so much but time won't stop.
I want to grow old with you like this.

Kindness is cruel, isn't it?
It throws my heart into confusion
I've fallen in love.
You probably haven't noticed, have you?
I thought for sure that it would pass in the blink of an eye.

I probably know you better than I did before,
But I want to know you more.
I hope I can call you my friend.
I've decided I'll accept your past and everything.

I can't go on like this. Well, can I?
I'm doing nothing but creating fantasies.
I need you, I've realized.
There's no way I can go back to the past.

I can't move on
So I want to have faith that miracles exist.
Even the truth contradicts itself.
I'd rather believe in groundless dreams
Than try to figure out the truth

"Which way to tomorrow? "
After you, there is no sense to it anyway.


Author: Shelby Marier
Date: 02/03/2020

№ 1170205

Tomorrow and thanksgiving

Tomorrow it will have been a month since
Andrew said he hated me
I'm still hurting inside
Thanksgiving it's his birthday he's turning 23
I want cake ^o^ but I also want him out of the house for my birthday

thanksgiving,  tomorrow.

Author: Teagan Zienkiewicz
Date: 01/03/2020

№ 1170163

Something About Tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow
I can cry
About something


Author: Some Person
Date: 01/03/2020

№ 1169776

Couldn't you feel the dust from fingertips that traced print as if it'd know flames tomorrow?

Couldn't you feel the dust from fingertips that traced print as if it'd know flames tomorrow?
Couldn't you feel the coldness of an empty bed deserted long ago to candlelit expeditions into lost rooms of ancient pyramids?
Couldn't you see the craters forming underneath the eyes of someone who dreamed of picnics on the moon?
Couldn't you see the color in her cheeks from sunlit days in meadows with Thoreau, Hemingway, Plato, and Longfellow?
Couldn't you see the flimsy rib cage of a thought-starved girl whose curiosity hungered like soggy wildflowers for sun?

And she was curious about everything, but her most curious of her curiosities was you.

dust,  feel,  fingertips,  flames,  print,  t.

Author: jessica monet
Date: 01/03/2020