Poems about reach


№ 1042532

Reach Out

Climbing up the slippery cliff face,
As I really need to sleep,
I catch a glimpse into the life I wish to be apart of.
But I think that's just... okay.
In fact I think it best
To see no difference.
I can contemplate my entire life,
Left in the pitch black tunnels of my mind.
Am I wrong to feel that?
Like putting a price tag on dirt.
I just can't stop.
We parted, then collided;
But it wouldn't change a thing.
Reaching the pinnacle,
I stand there wet and drenched with earth.
I took the first step.
... follow me?


Author: Joe
Date: 07/11/2019

№ 1040931


If you find

That you are stumbling
Along this road called

Please reach out and take my hand

There is no need

To try so hard to survive

Reach out
And soon you will be flying
Like a bird
Amongst skies so blue
And dreams so peacefully real


Author: Pebbles
Date: 05/11/2019

№ 1040895

My last reach to you

There's a dent in the pavement
And that's where (my) car automatically pulls over
Because it knows that it's there, by that slight dent
Where we had our (last) late night talk,
That I lay down and gaze up
I (reach) to the heavens in hope

ВЂ“maybe they'll send you back (to) me
But there's a moon in the sky tonight
And it's telling me that you're alright
Because while I'm gazing up at the moon
Trying to grasp any essence of (you)
You're fast asleep next to someone new


Author: bcg poetry
Date: 05/11/2019

№ 1040307

Reach higher

If you believe your life is dull
Dull it will become

If all you see is hate
Then fear will overcome

Love is all you need
From the infinite hand that feeds

From love stems all creation
All creation is love.

Bursting forth from the heart of god
Light, dense and pure

The source of it all
The source is it all
All is one.

Open your eyes
We don't have to live in the world our past has created for us

In your daydreams terror tricks you into sorrow
When tomorrow comes, you've already failed

Drowning, drowning in the sea black dust
No hope can be found anywhere

Reach higher
Reach higher, past the sky, past the stars above

Reach higher
See Every moment full of love

Reach higher
Into love

There is a mind we cannot comprehend
But I know I am safe in his hands

For when my expiration comes
Only then will I comprehend what I've done.

For when my time as come
My spirit will melt with the One.

My soul will mend,
And melt into One.

higher,  reach.

Author: Allison Toby
Date: 05/11/2019

№ 1035520

For Thy Soul To Reach

Where are
Rungs of heaven
Thy soul to reach
The light
Upon them

reach,  soul,  thy.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 31/10/2019

№ 1034263

Heaven Is Too Far To Reach

Arms stretched to breaking point
High as they can possibly reach
Even climbed this old oak
For a better vantage point
Still I'm too small in this ever growing world
Why do I try to reach for something I cannot obtain
Dreams are fantasies filled with useless attempts
Heaven is too far to reach
So why do I continue
On this pointless adventure
Climbing trees and mountains
Then climbing trees at the top of mountains
My reach will never come closer
I'm a pebble in this mountain of boulders
The sapling in this forest of sequoias
I'm reaching for nothing
Wishing it was something
And these shooting stars
Aren't hearing my wish
No matter how loud I get
I'm starring at constellations
Hoping to become one
Stretching my limbs
As high as they can go
Then even higher
Only to be taught a lesson
Heaven will always be too far for me to reach

heaven,  reach.

Author: Robert Guerrero
Date: 30/10/2019

№ 1033725

Reach out and listen

In a society of twisted tongues
Chatter is abundant and overwhelms people
So they shrivel away their ears
And learn to shout
So others can hear
Speech becomes an addiction
To feed our desire for attention
We grow up in a world were we are asked to be out spoken
But never learn to speak out
But all we have to do
Is reach out
And listen Listen
To the ocean
Who's tides go as steady as your heart
Listen to the wolves
Declaring this land as their own
From the world, we can learn so much
And I wish we would
If we would just
Reach out
And listen

listen,  reach.

Author: Lucas Smathers
Date: 30/10/2019

№ 1033421

Will it reach you

Lately there is something off between us
I do not know what it is
Nor do i want to have doubts
Look at me again
Not with the cold eyes
But with the eyes that says,
ВЂњit's okay, i am here”.
Embrace me with your warmness
And let me fall in deeper and deeper
Kiss my skin until you remember
That my being belongs to you
And only you.
I want my love to reach your heart.
I hope my love reach your heart.
Will it reach you?
I hope it reaches you.


Author: Nisa
Date: 29/10/2019