Poems about worry


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When did I start my worry list?
As a child I didn't have to worry, that was mom's job.
But what did she have to worry about.
Certainly not me.
Dad had a job, and was a happy fella
We did have a TV
With a bubble screen
But she never watch that.
She didn't like cowboy shows or wrestling
An There was no news...
That's it...
That's when my worry list started...
I became a mom of four children
What did I have to worry about
Certainly not them
But then I watch the news
My children have grown
But then I have nine grandchildren
And so my worry list continues on
Shootings at schools
Children abducted
So many tragedies on news
From tornadoes to plane crashes
Car crashes, Forest fires, Terrorists,
Children with a rare cancer
With no cure...
Why, why do I watch the news?
So I know what to worry about?
Or just because I'm a mom and a grandma

My granddaughter named me

By Judy

list,  worry.

Author: Judypatooote
Date: 25/10/2019

№ 1014545

You think, You worry

Did I push you away
With all my heavy words
Accused of stealing
A feather
Blame me for why
You can't fly

You're turning mere thoughts
Into marathons
Take a breather
Though each breath you undergo
Absorbs air from my pleading lungs

Do you want me to push you
So you can fall twenty seven stories
And by the time you fall past ten
You'll understand what you want
Turn my pockets inside
Out of time
Now, just another crack on the pavement

Take the stitches out of
My skin like words
Complicated curves
The mural on my back
Stained by an idea
That grew in your head
It's now what you believe
And it's become who I am

How you think, lays boulders on my spine
Give me a break


Author: Joey Zimmerman
Date: 12/10/2019

№ 1012061


If only i had the courage
I would speak up to those
Jibbering mouthes they own

If only i had the courage
Let me be free and happy
Avoiding negative thoughts
On my surrounding

If only i had the courage
Would i carelessly not worry
About who or how
Or why or what

(c. r)


Author: Catherine
Date: 10/10/2019

№ 1009625

I worry about her

Those coal black eyes
I barely met
Got to know so well
The panic, the fear
The mania, the psychotic
The love, the joy
The trust, the life

I see them now behind screens
Living life as they should
Plagued by the demons from behind

You were asking me what happens if you have an orgasm,
You grabbed me by the shoulders and told me the devil was here.
I saw it in your eyes,
But i'm not sure what it was

You are not crazy, my dear
Dark skinned beauty
You are not sick
You are alive and you are well
From behind the screen


Author: Aviendha Goodrich
Date: 08/10/2019

№ 1008757

"Don't worry my lil orchid"

He called me his little orchid, and I pictured him admiring me, all of my colors and twists, my petals and my stem, exclaiming "look at this one! look how beautiful it is! look at the inside, do you see how amazing that is? " and I smiled and swooned and swayed like the little orchids would in the wind and I blushed so hard you'd think I lost my chlorophyll, or that summer was coming to an end, and I wanted to sing like an orchestra of brass and wood winds because the thought of you thinking of me and still seeing me as precious as a flower after all these winters we've seen makes my heart beat and plucks my strings.
I want you to know that you're still sun, my air, my water, and the soil that my roots are planted in. Even in the winter, I only think of the times you shone brightest and eagerly wait for you to smile again.
I know it feels like winter for you right now, but it's spring baby, and I'm growing!
I'm not a bean stalk, I can't take you to the top, but I'm your little orchid, and hopefully,
You'll look over at the one on your window sill and smile knowing that some part of me is growing right there next to you, breathing and taking in everything you're giving me.

So when you're bored, water me, and talk to me, and it might help you breathe a little lighter too.

From one flower to another, I love you.

don,  lil,  orchid,  t,  worry.

Author: Sag
Date: 07/10/2019

№ 1001042

A Worry (Left on the Wings of These Words)

The last
Of many
The least
Of few

The first
Of tears
The first
Of fears

The dying breath
The final word
The expected death
The man unheard

The insignificant
Now forgotten
A rotting body
A rotting coffin

left,  wings,  worry.

Author: Langston Shupe-Diggs
Date: 30/09/2019

№ 999017


I worry too much
I think too much
About things
I cannot change.
A woman's mind,
For one,
Can't be changed.
She is.
She will be.
I can only accept
Or leave.
If I accept
Then no worry;
If I leave,
Then I'm gone.
I repeat--
I worry too much.
But not anymore.
It feels good;
A weight has been lifted,
It was so easy.
Maybe too easy.
Now I'm worried.


Author: AlanK
Date: 28/09/2019

№ 992213


Your hands run slowly through my hair sending shivers down my back. Our hands pressed so tightly together trying so hard to get closer. When I look into your hazel eyes I see pain, and sorrow. So hard to read yet you show so much emotion.
But about what?
You show your love for me; but what else is there? Where are the layers? Who are you? What is the pain, and what is the sorrow I so clearly see. When I release your hand from my own, the pain drifts away. That's when I realized I cause the pain. My bad descisions and selfishness has worried you. My presence, has worried you. I am the reason for the constant nail biting and reassurance. I'm the reason for you being wide awake during the night. I'm the reason.


Author: Summer Megnia
Date: 22/09/2019