Poems about pain


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Her inexpressible eyes sided its curtains
No alarm rang
But her alarmed eyes
Day after day
Moulded into binoculars
Rose up in an unknown haste
Flung into the kitchen
Breakfast and batter
Without smash and dishes' chatter
It was Sunday and severe snoring
In the whole house
It was a compulsory duty
At workplace
She couldn't be late
I opened my eyes
The whole house was clean and fine
I had my breakfast prepared
At the shining tiles of the kitchen
In early evening she came
She asked for just a little help
But nobody was there
She was so glittering after such a long walk
At night they just came
Have some fun and dinner
Everybody went in their heaven
Of cellphones
She was alone in a dark room
She had some joint pain
But she had one more line on her head
It's just for family's gain...


Author: Surbhi Dadhich
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1189496

Epitome of pain

A pen in my hand
Nothing in my head
Pains in my heart
Tears in my eyes

Trembling hands
Red eyes
Stained face
Swollen eyes

A sharp knife thru my chest
A puncture in my heart
A wound I doubt
Will ever heal.

Sleepless nights
Days of the same
A scar
That'll never fade

Broken into pieces
Damaged beyond imagination
Massacred to the extreme
Manipulated to condemnation

Words are worthless
To what is felt

A hole that cant be refilled
A tattoo that cant be erased
A mark that'll last for eternity
A complete infatuation

Land I never thought I'll be
A broken person

One thing for sure
The thing called heart
Will be attached to you
With epoxy

Words are worthless
To what is felt

epitome,  pain.

Author: Hadiza Song
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1188979

Pain reliever

Recorded her
During pain
Applied her
All over
My body
Felt ecstasy


Author: JP
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1188808

Let's dance in pain !!!

Like a darkness...
Celebrating the pains...
Inside a hollowness... fractures in heart
Yet, but, whatever...
Let the wings... insomniac... thunders
Seperating reality or imagine...
Locked reality
Unlocking in the imagination

Singing... over a peg of mushrooms...
And chilling pains...

dance,  pain.

Author: Ravindra Nayak
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1188567

Riot pain


I put two boys to sleep. before they go, I ask them to picture the person living in my car. the boys, then,

(to reappear in the adventures of father time limit)

Are off.


It crosses me that the person in my car is trapped. is this your car, is this where you put it...

I would have to answer


The night she wasn't killed
Is not unlike
The night
She also


The night it rained I boiled water in the darkness outside of my mouth.

A mattress slid by, out of reach, and on it

Something was whiter or something


pain,  riot.

Author: Barton D Smock
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1188454

Sorrow Filled Pain

I am done!
I surrender!
Take me as I am,
Or leave me to rot
In this polluted ground,
Because I am done!

Trying to accomplish
What was never meant
To be touched,
Feeling suffocated in
A world that only
Fears to love,
Crushing a fractured
Soul to make ones
Broken heart feel
Just as new.

Being sung by the most
Hurtful melodies that
Can only be seen
In the darkness,
Playing games to
Replace the love
That was never found.

Stepping one step forward,
As the rest of the world
Steps one step back,
For the billion lost
Hearts can never
Be replaced.

Nor can thy build
The foundation to give up,
Barley remembering
What "love" truly means
In the eyes of a faded soul,
Hearing the secret sorrows
Of the pain that will
Never be healed.

For I want to forget
The cruel world,
And live in peace,
But I, too, would
Fade into darkness,
Knowing that
The world Cannot
Be saved.

filled,  pain,  sorrow.

Author: Deserie Indigo
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1187750

What is the worst thing about the pain?

What is the worst thing about the pain? " She asked me, none had asked me before

So I sat and thought and watched those around me... and what I found out surprised me

So I counted the broken promises and canceled dates
The half done dinners and shortened holidays

The eyes of my friends and family have gone from concern to disappointment to boredom and at last to the shifting that denotes no pleasure in my company.
The visits and phone calls have slowly dried up till there
Are none

What is the worst part of dealing with chronic pain?

Its the isolation and the looks that say "well, She looks fine"

Oh My Sweet Lady!!!

I wish that pain was bright pink
I wish it glowed and sparkled

And... I could hand it off to someone else to deal with for awhile... How long would you carry this burden my dear friend?
Would you like to carry my "invisible" disability?

It is me that turns invisible unseen and unheard

Will you take the endless burning pain even temporarily?

Will you take the 12 hour days granted to me and not the

24 that Sol promises?

Will you take the broken dates and spoiled dinners?

Will you watch their faces go from loving concern to polite excuses to loveless and dutiful?

For an hour a day... a moment... ?

Never mind,

What is the worst part of living with pain?

The worse part is of course; )

... I cannot dance till dawn my friend

... this is the worst part. ,

pain,  thing,  worst.

Author: Solitaire Archer
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1187734

Forget About the Pain

Write away the world,
Blow away the wishes.
Put the pen to the paper,
And forget about the pain.

Sing away the world,
Push away the wishes.
Open your mouth and be free,
And forget about the pain.

Dance away the world,
Kick away the wishes.
Be who you want to be,
And forget about the pain.

forget,  pain.

Author: Samantha Dawn Stone
Date: 17/03/2020