Poems about reach


№ 1008219


I stretched my arm out across the world
To find someone's hand to hold,
When the sun was cold,
And the moon was black pearled.

Twice they turned their back on me,
And twice i faltered in the spilt blood of three.

Oh, stars, i can't reach you.
Carry me, ascension!

Only the stars know true


Author: aj
Date: 07/10/2019

№ 1007635

Reach For Your Victory

Reach for your victory
Move forward and take action
Success awaits you
Nothing but pure satisfaction
Stay on the right path
Have that golden vision
Continue to aim for excellence
Carry out your mission

reach,  victory.

Author: Ronell Warren Alman
Date: 06/10/2019

№ 1005623

A dreams reach

Remember my love that whenever you drift
Between the unknown hours of sleep
And over mountains of pillows
And blankets of ocean and mist
I am never more
Than a dreams reach away

dreams,  reach.

Author: Akira Chinen
Date: 04/10/2019

№ 1004227

Out of reach.

I just want you, in your entirety
The good and the bad and the ugly
All of it
But she's miles away & your heart went along with her,
So there's nothing for me to hold on to here
I'll never be able to have you the way she does,
& that realization kills me
Sing­ le
­ **time.


Author: Cristina C
Date: 03/10/2019

№ 994146

Before I reach cloud nine

I see a calmness in your eyes
That gives off a feeling that electicfies; feels like a motherly love.
Its drawing me closer as I try and keep my feet on solid ground,
Making sure my hearts not playing tricks on me, by putting my head up in the clouds.
Cuz even a spark can cause a flame that burns, and only fools repeat lessons that they haven't learned
But it all feels so right, still it just ain't my time...
So I cut of the electric before I reach cloud nine, walk away and say goodbye...

cloud,  reach.

Author: Apollo Hayden
Date: 24/09/2019

№ 993674

It's Possible to Reach Your Dreams In The Mountains

From up here everything looks so nice
We can pretend that down there,
There exist no fight between different beliefs
We can imagine that down there, everyone is accepting each other
In here, we can mock the world that it went easy for us to touch the sky
We can make them think we didn't brought our heavy burdens with us,
The loads that became the reason of our heavy feet,
The weight we've been carrying the whole time
The problems that we're going to throw 1500 meters above sea level
To be crashed
To be teared down into small unrecognizable pieces
For us to feel peace
And for us to go higher.

dreams,  mountains,  reach.

Author: Ayin Medina
Date: 23/09/2019

№ 980090

Erin (Out of reach)

There's this girl I know
She thirsts for knowledge and endless seas.
She hides beneath the shade
Never really revealing who she is.

She cares more about other people's happiness
Than she ever will about her own.
When she loves, god, when she loves...
She will shower you in a sea of warmth.

As much as she will love you, she will have a cold side too.
She has the tundra in her,
She has the sun in her,
But she also has this world stopping hurricane.

She will feel every emotion, but magnified.
She will love with every fiber she has.
When she hurts it will tear her apart.
So if you ever get a chance to love her, you have to really love her.

She has the power to move mountains,
But she also has the power to put everything in ruins.
It is in ruins now,
She is out of reach.

Erin is me.

erin,  reach.

Author: Erin Tommas
Date: 11/09/2019

№ 976760

All You Have To Do Is Reach

There's so much I want to say
Though finding the right words can be so troublesome
A "but" at the wrong time could tear you apart.
An "um" can make me seem unintelligent.
And too many "I"'s may cause us to lose a connection.
The point could be lost at the misplacing of a comma.
And a crummy adjective can throw off our mood.
Though, if you manage to look past my unpunctuated lines
Or my sloppy placing of a rhyme
Or the misspelled words
Or repeating of a theme
You might happen upon something real
A heart conveniently on display
There may be no rhythm
Or Shakespearean resemblance
But each letter is history
And phrase is a lesson
Even if you don't understand
Maybe someone else will
And my version of therapy could be theirs
But God-willing I touch your heart
And be the change I'd like to see
And my words could hug your soul
And hush your inner crying child
Because we aren't alone
I just want my words to sit with you for awhile
I just want the page to be your shoulder
The situation you can put yourself into
And not feel selfish for seeing it as you
The friend you don't have to pretend to hear
Just to get to talk about your day
Let this one time be for you
Let your feelings show
Its the words and you now
Let it take you where you'd like to go


Author: Jennifer Weiss
Date: 08/09/2019