Poems about screaming


№ 816007

Screaming for help in an empty cave

"Hello is anyone there? "
No answer.
Just the echoes of my despair.

Days pile on
Like garbage at the local dump.
Chicken-eyed men and women
Peck at scraps-
It's fucking unnatural.

The bars are full,
The cemeteries,
And hospitals too.
Churches brimming
With people,
But little faith-
Not enough to sate
The all-deserving masses.

There is no place for me here.
I'm fighting with everything I have.
There is no success,
And I tire.
I tire.
I'm tired.

cave,  empty,  help,  screaming.

Author: Michael Angelo
Date: 15/04/2019

№ 809070

[ silence, a dark mark of complicity that leads to a fire and a kiss that tears ragged the screaming remains of a buildings ]

The kopitiam lies cleansed by fire
Marked with a kiss
To the walls burnt dark
And cloths torn ragged
Cleaned once, never
By a flame screaming

A goodbye marked by a kiss
Behind a cloth wall ragged
Heart shrieking and screaming
Yet lips opened never
As he slipped into the dark
Like a breeze snuffing an ember of a fire

In the morning still, the firemen lay ragged
As sloth douted never
The spirit to quench the fire
That blazed in the dark
Like a crimson heart screaming
After a passionate kiss

The "towkay" thought he never
Had to elope to the dark
Having given his lover a kiss
And yet forced, albeit silently screaming
To let the walls fornicate with fire
Tearing them ragged

The hearts of men lay dark
As greed and hate tore in nascent silent screaming
The remains ragged
Of a body consumed by a fire
Having had the final kiss
Of a man who thought "never"

Complicity is the call of silence within quiet screaming
When hate burns as strong as the fire
Of inferno, in minds and souls who swore never
To let a kiss
Escape a mouth torn ragged
To a lips of a lover in the dark

Silence is the sound in a soul screaming "never"
After the kiss, forbidden, in the dark
Where the hearts and souls in дєє lay ragged after cleansing of the fire

buildings,  dark,  fire,  kiss,  leads,  mark.

Author: Denise Writes
Date: 09/04/2019

№ 808536


My heart screams to me,
Stop this, you are only going to hurt
I numb it out with my mind, twisting, delicate,
Stop this, you are only going to hurt
I look at her and all I feel is joy,
Stop this, you are only going to hurt
Is the pain what makes this real?
Stop this, you are only going to hurt
Her love rebounds, resonates within me,
Stop this, you are only going to
I can't, I won't, I refuse to
Stop this, you are only going
For the sweaty, delicious, enervating moments are what I long for
Stop this you are only
Her smile is the sunflower she speaks so fondly of
Stop this, you are
Beautiful, sad, whole
Stop this you
Are the light of my days, the dark of my nights.
Stop this,
I am going to hurt,
I am going to hurt you.
Let's hurt together.


Author: Jess Kilbourne
Date: 08/04/2019

№ 803675

Softened Screaming of Hurting

I know I won't get as angry I want to be,
And I'll regret me,
Because I'm never able to do it;
She always changes something,
Somehow it always gets better for her,
But it just gets worse for me.
I just become more guilty,
Even only by listening.

I feel like I can never really express my feelings,
Yet I still seem to do it too much,
Then I still fall.
So many things are happening,
This always repeats;
It has horrible timing.
If ignorance is a good thing,
Why is it so hard to actually
Keep it?

And I keep picturing loads of the same things.
When I'm not sure what I feel,
Maybe I hide from it.
I peak and when I see
I can no longer believe
So I just wait to weep.
I've no clue what to say,
Without any more delay,
I'll race through the page,
Give it all a way
In factual content:
I'll probably seem fine.
But it's not that way at all.

hurting,  screaming,  softened.

Author: Chloe's Not An Angel
Date: 04/04/2019

№ 802825

Screaming with silence

My eyes; screaming at you, hoping you can hear them or understand them, hoping you wont ignor them while they call out for you, hoping you can hear them spill out everything my tounge kept locked away. But thats all they're doing now. Just hoping and pleading. Still begging for yours.

screaming,  silence.

Author: Seanasea Sierra Wallen
Date: 03/04/2019

№ 800463

Screaming For Sport

Do they understand
I am standing in the room
Trying to make sense of
What I do not want to see.
I am witness to every motion,
Every word branded into
My memory,
All of it a blur.
Like a movie,
A scene rehearsed
Beyond perfection,
So real that their
Only audience trembles
With confusion and fear.

Do I understand
The reasons, big
And small,
Behind the raised voices,
Sudden, spastic movements,
Reddened faces,
Hands flying erradically,
Spit sailing from lips to air.
Questions met with inadequate and
Nonsensical responses.
Accusations like tumblers,
Dangerously thrown in the air.

Do you understand
Why they continue
When there is no winner,
Only losers filled
With hurt.
Nothing new happens
But new sparks alight,
Each more inconsequential
Than the last.
There is no point,
No moving on.

The cycle continues.

screaming,  sport.

Author: Acting Naturally
Date: 01/04/2019

№ 798609

Silently screaming

And as she started freaking out when she was made to see what was already in front of her... her lips muted, but her mind began to scream... her heart pounding so hard she could hear the beats...
So she grabbed a box of chocolate mint cookies, sat on her bed, and ate them slowly one by one... as if to console her heart... to deceive for a moment her anxious soul...

screaming,  silently.

Author: Marcia Villavicencio
Date: 30/03/2019

№ 786507


Screaming in pain
No ones listening
Echoing in my head
The agony that is
And people watch
And people see
But no one is listening
I feel my flesh taring
My soul breaking
Mind is rushing
To dark places
Calling for help
But no one sees
Or no one cares
This razor dances
Across the skin
Lines of red liberation
To let out the pain
Is this a cry for help
Or maybe my only
Way out
Now I bleed
Maybe now they will
See me screaming


Author: Ranger
Date: 20/03/2019